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From Petal to Bottle, Nutrient-Rich in Every Drop

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Steam Distillation harnesses the potent, powerful skincare benefits of our Active Flowers™


Why do we passionately believe in the potency of flowers for the skin? The key to our best skincare secrets is deeply rooted in powerful Active Flower™ benefits. For centuries, flowers have been natural allies in achieving total skin wellness, making their way into our meticulously clean, powerful formulas. We harness the highest concentration of essential nutrients from flowers to help calm skin redness, deliver reparative antioxidants, deeply hydrate, minimize aging, visibly reduce hyperpigmentation…and so much more.

From petal to bottle, our exquisitely sourced and expertly harvested flowers are exceptionally clean and highly concentrated. Through a process called Steam Distillation, we harness and preserve their nutrients, resulting in powerful benefits for your skin.


Steam Distillation is the most effective method of essential oil extraction, a process that SAINT JANE  ensures is completed under the proper conditions to guarantee our highest quality Active Flower™ Concentrate for every formula.

These nutrient-rich oils are extracted through high-temperature steam, which vaporizes any volatile compounds, leaving only the flower’s most essential oils; the “life force” of the plant. We harness these vital nutrients and deliver them straight to your skin through our best-in-class formulas.

The benefit of Steam Distillation is that it yields essential oils that are exceptionally clean and pure. When essential oils are produced with extreme care, the natural benefits of the plant are preserved. This level of preservation allows us to formulate skincare that truly transforms this skin and delivers potent, powerful results to your skin.

Our Active Flower™ Concentrate is unique to each master blend formula in our skincare lineup.


When developing our master blends, we thoughtfully pair each floral essential oil, collected from Steam Distillation, to work together to solve a myriad of skin concerns. Each formula boasts an Active Flower™ Concentrate that is unique and targeted to deliver results. 

Helichrysum, Sunflower and Rosehip are among the 17 botanicals in our award-winning Luxury Beauty Serum, formulated to deliver powerful calming benefits, detoxify pores and deeply hydrate your skin. 

Hibiscus, Magnolia, and Honeysuckle are among 10 floral essences infused into our Hydrating Petal Cream. Lightweight and ultra-softening, this daily moisturizer drenches the skin with elastin-boosting and anti-aging hydration.

Damascus Rose, Violet and Jasmine are among the 28 botanicals in our cult-favorite Luxury Body Serum. This vitamin-rich super blend along with exfoliating fruit acids works to reveal radiant, soft skin all over.

Desert Rose, Hibiscus and Jasmine are found in our rising-star, Luxury Sun Ritual SPF 30. Sunscreen meets skincare in our ultra-hydrating, nourishing SPF that leaves pores blurred and protected from harmful UV radiation. 


When it comes to sourcing and harvesting our floral-centric ingredients, we are committed to quality. From our ingredient sourcing, extraction practices and harvesting partners to our formulation process, at SAINT JANE, we are rooted in quality, results-driven, master blends for your skin.

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