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More Than a Sunscreen, Meet Luxury Sun Ritual

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Sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of everyone's skincare routine. Up to 90% of signs of aging come from the sun, and 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime, which makes SPF one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Choosing a daily, effective sunscreen can be overwhelming, so we developed the perfect formula that not only powerfully protects your skin but does so much more.

Meet Luxury Sun Ritual Pore Blurring SPF 30. More than a sunscreen, our innovative, invisible formula is rich with Luxury Active Florals that nourish, hydrate, minimize pores and protect the skin. It's a multitasker in its truest form. Primer. SPF. Moisturizer. Pore Smoother. Environmental Shield

We worked on developing this formula for over 2 years to create a supercharged SPF inspired by potent and beautiful flowers with the results-driven skincare benefits that SAINT JANE has become famous for. We had a rigorous list of non-negotiable requirements. It had to be meticulously clean, mineral-based, reef-safe but also seamlessly blend into the skin without any white cast, no matter the skin tone. Instead of leaving an uncomfortable residue like other sunscreens, Luxury Sun Ritual beautifully blurs pores for a flawless finish - whether you're wearing makeup or not. This efficacious formula is truly a multitasker, and fits seamlessly into our range of products to build the perfect ritual. 



As with all of SAINT JANE, flowers were our muse. We were particularly drawn to flowers that thrive in the sun, in warmer climates. Jasmine, Hibiscus, and Desert Rose are all blended into this weightless formula. Not only are they incredibly nourishing and hydrating, but we've also harnessed their innate ability to naturally protect themselves from harmful UV rays. These powerful traits beautifully translate to your skin and act as natural SPF boosters, adding an extra layer of protection to your delicate skin barrier.

For Luxury Sun Ritual, we wanted to create a product that absolutely everyone can use. No matter your skin type or skin tone, this formula is calming if your skin is sensitive, hydrating if your skin is dry, and nourishing if your skin is dull.

If wearing makeup is part of your daily ritual, you won’t find a better primer. The lightweight texture and pore-blurring, soft focus finish creates the perfect canvas for makeup. Even if you don’t wear makeup, this gorgeous formula blends seamlessly and looks beautiful on its own.

Our mission to calm, nourish, detoxify, hydrate and protect your skin with clean, luxurious, efficacious formulas continues with Luxury Sun Ritual.

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