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sacred sleep overnight repair

Our Anti-Aging Solution

As hero ingredients go, here at Saint Jane we meticulously choose essential nutrients and active ingredients that truly make a difference in your overall skin wellness. Every formula has intention and purpose to transform your self-care rituals with real results. Since we launched in 2019, we’ve been consistently crafting products that conquer many common skin concerns, like inflammation, redness, dullness, dryness and many more. One essential product missing from our nutrient-rich suite of products was a Retinol treatment centered around diffusing fine lines, toning and plumping the skin. Our newest addition, Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair is a powerful solution and an essential step for your routine. Sacred Sleep is an evening skincare ritual and treatment infused with 0.5% Retinol combined with luxury active florals like Violet Flower, Lavender and Evening Primrose, to name a few. These luxury active florals have intense soothing, calming and hydration benefits which counteract the often harsh side-effects of Retinol. The perfect anti-aging solution, especially for those with sensitive skin. Gentle but powerful.

The Fine Line Complex

In addition to Retinol and our signature luxury active florals, we developed a very unique and proprietary Fine Line Complex in every jar of Sacred Sleep. When we age naturally, the years have an impact on mitochondria, the power generators of our skin cells that work hard to convert oxygen and nutrients essential for healthy cell function. Which is reflected in how our skin looks, feels and thrives. A decline in mitochondrial activity is directly linked to skin cell aging, a disturbance in collagen production, inflammation, and oxidation of skin pigment (age spots). 

So how does our Fine Line Complex help combat these skin concerns? It acts as an energy source for skin cells to support and supplement the declining function of mitochondria. A powerful skin cell replenisher, using green chemistry from a vegetal source, our complex has the power to re-program energy in older skin cells to reshape aging skin, similar to younger skin cells. The ability to target aging at a cellular level helps to:

  • Visibly diffuse fine lines and lift the skin in the face + neck
  • Serve as a powerful collagen boost
  • Significantly reduce visible age spots and hyperpigmentation
sacred sleep overnight repair cream texture

Powerful Results

In an independent clinical testing panel of 60 women ages 30 to 59 who regularly used Sacred Sleep 3-4 times per week at night on clean, dry skin:

  • 100% found age spots and hyperpigmentation visibly reduced
  • 84% saw a significant reduction in fine lines
  • 83% did not experience peeling or redness
  • 74% found their skin was firmer and lifted

Aging is a natural and beautiful process that we should all be proud of. Every smile line, crows feet and sun spot is a sign of a life full of laughter and adventure. By feeding your skin essential nutrients and practicing self-care with products that help to heal and repair the skin on a deeper level, you can put your best face forward and embrace your beauty inside and out. Skincare is self-care. 


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