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Ever since I started using this each night, I've noticed an incredible softness and smoothness to my skin. Plus, I've had incredibly red cheeks my whole life and this does seem to calm it! - Goodasgold1, Sephora client 

Magic in a little black bottle - Theresa b., Sephora client 

Quite literally the one thing I have tried that has completely cleared up my skin. It did what not even prescription creams and antibiotics could do, and also cured redness that I've had since birth that I didn't know could go away. Now my skin is FLAWLESS. - Kate, 21 

I actually feel the 20 concentrated botanicals just sinking into my skin giving me that hydration and glow but without the greasy feel. a must try and must buy!! - Infamouslin, Sephora client 

I really don't normally write reviews, but this product is *that* good! I haven't tried a serum or oil yet that actually seems to penetrate my skin, but this does. It makes my painfully dry, sensitive skin look plump and fresh! Results have been immediate, I'm shocked! - Emmy, Sephora client 

I have tried almost everything out there and with this serum I noticed immediately (1-3 days of use) that my fine lines were softened, I was glowing, makeup went on smoother and pores were so much smaller. My acne was gone (no, I'm not kidding) and now I am addicted to this stuff. - Bella, Sephora client 

This serum is luxurious, beautiful and relaxing all wrapped up in the most gorgeous can replace a number of my skincare routine steps and gives me luminous, beautiful skin. This is a keeper! - Mandy, Sephora client 

Thank you for making my skin look about 10 years younger. I'm really not even exaggerating. - Katie 

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