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The Saint Series, Vol. 5: Batsheva Hay

The Saint Series, Vol. 5: Batsheva Hay

After ditching her day job as a high-powered lawyer, New York native Batsheva Hay launched herself into a somewhat accidental second career as a pattern-making, puff-sleeve-obsessed fashion designer. Today, the badass entrepeneur has outfitted everyone from Aidy Bryant and Selma Blair to Karen Elson, and she's picked up a few tips along the way.

1. If you could describe your brand in one sentence, what would it be?
I make clothes that I think are worthy of wanting to wear.
2. Your career trajectory is so were a lawyer and then transitioned to become a badass fashion designer with a serious cult following. What's one bit of advice you'd tell to someone who isn't sure they're "on the right path"?
It is corny but true--you have to do what you love. I didn't love being a lawyer and that was difficult to admit because I had invested so much in it. After walking out on that job with no plan, it honestly took years to start a clothing business, but once I did, I could not stop. When people were not into my dresses, I didn't care because I knew they were wrong. I felt sure of myself, and that is a feeling I keep going with.
3. You're a working mom and brand do you find balance between work and family?
At the moment, my kids keep coming in while I am hiding in bed with my laptop trying to get work done. Part of the balance is being flexible between work and family, stealing some extra work while the kids are napping on Sunday. It also helps that I work from home so we always have dinner together even though I am finishing up my days work with my team. Part of motherhood is getting comfortable with situations that are not neat, including work.
4. What's your No.1 beauty tip?
Take care of your skin, it's the most important thing. And use the Luxury Beauty Serum! The weight and texture is perfection. 
5. Is there a charity or philanthropic cause you really care about? If so, what is it and why?
Planned Parenthood, especially now. Roe v. Wade is under threat now more than ever.
6. If you were a saint, what would you be the saint of? 
Saint of ruffles.
6a. You just had your New York Fashion Week show! What were you most excited for and what's one of your biggest fears? 
I'm always excited about my shows. Each time I do one, I try to come up with an idea that makes it exciting for me, and this one was pretty out there-- it makes me uncomfortable and nervous, but in a good way.
My biggest fears don't have anything to do with fashion, so that helps. I know that fashion is nothing that will change the world, that makes it easier to do. I used to work as a serious lawyer and the stakes felt so high. Now I feel like I am playing. That said, each season it gets more serious. We just try to stay organized as much as possible.


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Welcome back to The Saint Series ... Where we ask six questions of inspiring women we believe are ready for sainthood.

This week on our Saint Series, we profiled legendary beauty editor and fabulously funny friend Jane Larkworthy. With 30+ years under her belt, Larkworthy has made a name for herself as the industry’s go-to for exceptional beauty reporting, working everywhere from Glamour Magazine to W Magazine. 

Now, as Editor-at-Large at NYMagazine's The Cut, she heads up her own column “The Beauty of it All”...all while baking bagels (Shiksa Bagels) and hanging with her pup.

She’s a powerhouse worthy of sainthood...just don’t call her a beauty junkie.

1. You say you're not a "beauty junkie". How was had that made you a better editor?

A temp job during my senior year in college landed me at Glamour’s beauty department. They had me at “free conditioner and perfume,” but yeah, not being a junkie has fared me well. I have balance about what I report on, and try to never fall for claims without investigating them first. But the beauty industry is filled with very cool people, and I feel extremely fortunate to have found my way into it.

CBD, Cannabidiol, CBD Benefits, Jane Larkworthy

2. What's the best beauty advice you've ever received?

Line the inner waterline of your upper lashes for a good pop, from a makeup artist but I forget who. It was decades ago. And the advice I give is STAY OUT OF THE SUN AND WEAR SUNSCREEN, STUPID!

CBD Benefits, makeup, CBD, beauty, Jane Larkworthy, The Cut, CBD Skincare

3. Who would be you're number one interview for The Cut column "The Beauty of it All"?

I think Estee Lauder would've been a hoot!

CBD, benefits, skincare benefits, best beauty

4. How do you incorporate CBD into your daily routine?

In my bath mostly. Or using something like The Luxury Body Serum for muscle aches after a long bike ride. 

CBD, CBD Benefits, skincare, ingredients

5. After a long day, how do you wind down each night?

I take a bath, then lights out and we turn on Stephen Colbert while my husband rubs my back. Together, he and Stephen lull me to sleep.

CBD, Luxury Body Serum, cannabidiol

6. If you were a saint, what would you be the saint of?

The Saint of Silliness and procrastination.

CBD, cannabidiol, Luxury Beauty Serum, Saint Jane

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Introducing The Saint Series ... Where we ask six questions of inspiring women we believe are ready for sainthood.

First up is the gorgeous and witty Alexa Dell, an entrepreneurial powerhouse who’s made a name for herself as a woman in tech beyond the famous last (she’s the daughter of Dell computers founder Michael Dell).

Not only is the 25-year-old a key consultant for Bumble—and has been since 2016—but she’s also an environmental and animal activist, CBD-lover, and mother to the world’s cutest little boy. Read on for Alexa's answers to our Saintly Six.

Alexa Dell, CBD, CBD Beauty, motherhood, Saint Jane, Saint Jane Beauty, cannabis, cannabis benefits, CBD benefits for skin


Q1: How do you incorporate CBD into your daily routine?

I love using topical products, like Saint Jane's Luxury Body Serum, for any skin irritations or muscular pain. I find them extremely soothing.

Q2: What's the best beauty advice you've ever received?

At the very least, always remove your makeup before bed...

Alexa Dell, CBD, CBD Beauty, cannabis, CBD benefits, cannabis for skin

Q3: What are your 3 tips for achieving a better work-life balance?

The first is to always keep a calendar. I find staying organized helps me manage my time most efficiently. The second is to listen to your body...if you need a warm bath instead of a girl's night out, that's okay! And the third is to set reasonable goals for yourself and then check in with your progress from time to time.

Q4: After a long day, how do you wind down each night?

It will usually depend on how tired I am after a day of chasing my little one around, but usually I love to use my LED Light Therapy mask after I've cleansed and applied my skincare products. It helps them absorb deeper and is really relaxing. 

Luxury Beauty Serum, CBD Beauty, face serum, best beauty, best face serums, Saint Jane, Saint Jane Beauty

Q5: You're a new mom with a son less than a year old! Any tips for fellow new mommies?

Soak up every minute of goes by too fast!

Q6: If you were a Saint, what would you be the Saint of?

I'd probably be the saint of turning lemons into lemonade...

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