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Introducing The Saint Series ... Where we ask six questions of inspiring women we believe are ready for sainthood.

First up is the gorgeous and witty Alexa Dell, an entrepreneurial powerhouse who’s made a name for herself as a woman in tech beyond the famous last (she’s the daughter of Dell computers founder Michael Dell).

Not only is the 25-year-old a key consultant for Bumble—and has been since 2016—but she’s also an environmental and animal activist, CBD-lover, and mother to the world’s cutest little boy. Read on for Alexa's answers to our Saintly Six.

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Q1: How do you incorporate CBD into your daily routine?

I love using topical products, like Saint Jane's Luxury Body Serum, for any skin irritations or muscular pain. I find them extremely soothing.

Q2: What's the best beauty advice you've ever received?

At the very least, always remove your makeup before bed...

Alexa Dell, CBD, CBD Beauty, cannabis, CBD benefits, cannabis for skin

Q3: What are your 3 tips for achieving a better work-life balance?

The first is to always keep a calendar. I find staying organized helps me manage my time most efficiently. The second is to listen to your body...if you need a warm bath instead of a girl's night out, that's okay! And the third is to set reasonable goals for yourself and then check in with your progress from time to time.

Q4: After a long day, how do you wind down each night?

It will usually depend on how tired I am after a day of chasing my little one around, but usually I love to use my LED Light Therapy mask after I've cleansed and applied my skincare products. It helps them absorb deeper and is really relaxing. 

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Q5: You're a new mom with a son less than a year old! Any tips for fellow new mommies?

Soak up every minute of goes by too fast!

Q6: If you were a Saint, what would you be the Saint of?

I'd probably be the saint of turning lemons into lemonade...

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