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The Saint Series, Vol 8: Humble Bloom

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The Saint Series, Vol 8: Humble Bloom

cannabis, CBD, Humble Bloom 

We first met the duo of Humble Bloom, Danniel Swatosh (left) and Solonje Burnett (right) at our Luxury Body Serum launch back in June. Ever since, we have been so inspired by the ingenious ways in which they work to democratize and de-stigmatize cannabis for the better.

Fresh off their 2-day cannaclusive experience, The Humble Bloom Field Trip, we spoke with these two powerhouses about their passion for CBD, self care and breaking down barriers.

1. What is Humble Bloom and what inspired you to start it?

Solonje Burnett: Humble Bloom is a cannabis experiential marketing firm that curates the culture of cannabis, breaking stigma, elevating brands with integrity, forging partnerships with thought leaders and experts, providing consultative support to humanize growing brands, and connecting diverse communities through plant education, advocacy and inclusive immersive experiences.

Building bridges between communities through experience is something I’ve done for years. Whether it has been in the entertainment and nightlife space, through startup company culture diversity and inclusion work, producing conferences, doing creative activism with groups like Brick x Brick or uniting humans publicly through the power of song with the Resistance Revival Chorus. I live for connecting people to each other and themselves. Cannabis touches on everything from racial inequity, to social justice, regenerative agriculture and access to medicine. We saw an opportunity to make an impact as the industry grows by working to educate - creating conscious consumers who care.

Danniel Swatosh:  Humble Bloom is here to disrupt,connect and collaboratively curate the culture of cannabis through immersive purpose driven experiences that elevate brands and thought leaders with integrity while connecting them to consumers and those who are curious. Our goal is to elevate conscious consumerism in order to build and equitable, fair and regenerative cannabis industry.

My path into cannabis is made of a web of many experiences that at the center is connected to a love of people, plants and the planet. Starting in non-profit arts, identifying talented students with financial need to receive scholarships and exhibition opportunities. This work culminated in launching an artist-in-residency program in a storefront of the The World Financial Center. Inspired to be healthier during my pregnancy with my daughter I began studying plants for their ceremonial, nutritional and medicinal purposes. As a little girl, I grew up on a farm surrounded by nature, foraging, raising animals and hanging out in tree stands while my dad hunted, but had since lost touch. My interests lead me from foothills of Appalachia, to jungles in Colombia and deserts in Peru, learning the practices of local herbalists, shamans and mambos, and eventually opening a juice shop with a cult-like following called Heartbeet Juicery.

Whether it was connecting a curandera to a hydroponic farmer to start a neem tree program to support her clinic or designing the interior of a terminal illness ward of children’s hospital or simply just being there, holding space and advising on steps one can take in order to feel a little more happy, healthy and human; helping people has always been at the core of my purpose.

Now, I use cannabis as a conduit for larger conversations, taking a once in a generational opportunity to flip cultural, environmental, political and social paradigms. 

2. What advice do you have for other women looking to get into the cannabis space?

SB: My advice is to just do it. Whatever skill set you have can be transferred into this space as it opens up internationally. But be reasonable. Although it’s a new industry with an estimated millions of jobs created and over 80 billion in tax revenue expected nationally by 2025, it’s still federally illegal. Being an entrepreneur is already challenging. Imagine doing it in a space that’s growing, shifting and changing every day. From payment processors that ban you, to traditional social marketing not being available to you, cannabis is not for the faint of heart. We’re here because we believe in the power of this healing plant and want it available to all. Do it for a tangible reason. Make sure your passion and purpose intersect if you’re going to join the movement.

DS:  Show up, collaborate, don’t compete and know that anything you’ve done can apply to this space. Also, as a serial entrepreneur that’s a women who knows how hard it is to start a company, have staff, raise money and scale. Launching something in cannabis is harder, the stats are against us, there are many barriers to entry and the landscape is always shifting. It’s a real challenge.

3. What's the best beauty advice you've ever received, and who/where was it from?

SB: Give your body what it needs and stop eating so much cheese. I only listened to the first half. Sorry mom.

DS:  Charlotte Palermino is my beauty geru these days. Best advice, put your cream on first and then your favorite CBD oil (like Saint Jane's Luxury Beauty Serum) to lock in the moisture.  I love all of Saint Jane’s products. The smell of the botanicals is beyond alluring. They are so natural and well balanced—you can shut your eyes and literally visualize the field of flowers and the individual essence—which is a healing and spirit lifting experience in itself. The Lip Gloss is my newest obsession...I use that or my Chanel everyday.

4. How do you incorporate CBD into your daily routine?

SB: CBD is spread out all over my day. I start with Lab to Beauty Balancing Face Wash and Saint Jane Luxury CBD Beauty Serum. I have dry skin so I then cover my entire body with shea butter and either Saint Jane Body Serum or CocoCanna. Throughout the day touch up problem areas like my elbows and feet with Dogwood Botanicals. My favorite is the Lip Gloss; I never leave home without it! And if I’m singing or speaking, I will take a few drops of TONIC OG or New Highs. It doesn’t end there. Sexy night time vibes must include Quim. Literally can’t imagine life without cannabis!

DS: I mainly use CBD for my beauty routine and if life is more stressful as a supplement to move through transitions with grace. Your skin is your largest organ and CBD has been the best innovation for treating inflammation. I wash my face with Lab to Beauty and love how it gently cleanses my skin. When I get out of the shower, CocoCanna goes all over my body as a base which I also use on my children.Then I use Saint Jane, which makes me feel good and glow from the inside out. I haven’t found a great CBD face cream yet and like to use Kiehl’s with 50 SPF (hello product development)  and then Saint Jane to lock it all in. I always have a bottle of Tonic OG or New Highs in my bag.

5. What does your winding down/bedtime routine look like?

SB: One of my favorite places is my bed. If I’m not out hosting nightlife or networking for Humble Bloom, I’m pretty much a homebody. My routine includes smoking a joint and doing all the things I shouldn’t do like staring at screens indulging in instagram or Netflix.

DS: My evenings are a hustle after work. I pick up my kids from school and then it’s dinner, homework, bath, reading and bed and meditation for them. After, I generally bang out a couple more emails, smoke a joint, meditate, read and bed. If things are stressful and I need to ensure a deep sleep a dose of CBD right before I shut my eyes.

6. If you were to be anointed into sainthood for something, what would it be? 

SB: I’m certainly Solonje, Saint of Cheese. It’s an addiction I’ll never give up. I would literally incorporate it into all my meals, snacks, and will find all other opportunity to inhale it.

DS:  Saint Open Heart, like an open window for the birds to freely fly in.

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