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The Saint Series, Vol. 7: Sarah Gibson Tuttle

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The Saint Series, Vol. 7: Sarah Gibson Tuttle

Sarah Gibson Tuttle is a jack of all trades. After leaving NYC for sunnier days out west, she ditched her former life as an equity sales trader for a career as a business owner and entrepreneur.  In 2013, she opened Olive and June, a nail salon for the mani-obsessed. Seven years later, Sarah's a working mom, Olive and June is beloved by editors, influencers and celeb clientele alike, and both are on a mission to make the at-home manicure better for good.

Sarah Gibson Tuttle, manicure, pedicure, Olive & June

1. If you could sum up OLIVE AND JUNE in one sentence, what would it be?

Olive & June is a nail brand on a mission to democratize the at-home manicure so that women everywhere can live their best nail life.

2. What was the initial goal for Olive and June and how has it since evolved?

Before opening our Beverly Hills salon in 2013, I worked for ten years as an equity sales trader at JP Morgan & Morgan Stanley in New York City. Quality of life and 345 days of sunshine a year wooed me out west. When I arrived, I realized Los Angeles had everything I wanted except for the perfect nail salon. Seeing the opportunity to create a pretty space where women could expect and enjoy expert nail care on a regular basis and spend time with their friends, I opened Olive & June.

After more than five years in the nail salon business and almost two years of learning everything about at-home nails, we have created an at-home line that is truly innovative. We looked at what was missing in the market, specifically for the majority of the country without offerings like Olive & June, so that we could fill the void. With the massive shift in culture to do-it-yourself everything, the time is right for Olive & June to empower every woman to do her own nails. 

Olive & June, Olive and June, manicure, pedicure, best manicure, nail polish, Saint Jane

3. You're a working mom and company founder. What are 3 tips you have for achieving (or trying to achieve) a better work/life balance?

  • Sleep! I used to think that getting the bare minimum was the key to get everything done during the day. Less sleep = more work hours. But it was a myth! I now know that the more sleep I get, the more efficient I am.
  • Indulge in your favorite activities. For me that is watching some admittedly bad reality TV while painting my nails. It's my favorite moment of the week.
  • Working out or even walking meetings: Moving around really relaxes and centers me. I strive for the gym but when I can't, I take a walking meeting so I get both in.

4.  What's the best bit of beauty advice you've ever received? And what's your favorite mani color and/or color combo?

My mother told me not to bite my nails /cuticles and now I not only don't bite but I also don't pick. Thank goodness for her foresight!  tend to wear the neutrals more often then the bold shades we have but I just had on one of the reds (SC!) from our Fall Polish Collection and I miss it already.

Olive and June, manicure, pedicure, nail polish, cruelty free

5. What does your winding down/bedtime routine look like, and how is CBD incorporated into it (if at all)?
After washing my face and applying Shani Darden's Retinol Reform, I love Yuyo Botanics PM and the Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum! Not kidding, I've worn your body oil every day since I got it.

6. If you were to a Saint, what would you be the saint of?
The Saint of Treat Yourself! I’m all for a self care moment whether that’s a manicure or movie night, green juice or even the occasional drive-thru run (In N Out over Shake Shack, if you're curious).
Olive and June

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