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The Saint Series, Vol. 6: Anja Charbonneau

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The Saint Series, Vol. 6: Anja Charbonneau

Kinfolk, cannabis, weed, marijuana

Kinfolk magazine veteran and Canadian native Anja Charbonneau knows a thing or two about impeccable design (just look at her Instagram). So after years of working as photographer and art director, Charbonneau ventured out on her own to launch Broccoli; an industry-defining work that's aesthetically and editorially beautiful, and celebrates a simple fact: badass women can love cannabis.

1. What is Broccoli magazine?

Broccoli is the international magazine for cannabis lovers, made by women who love weed. The magazine takes a curious and thoughtful look at weed through a distinctly feminist lens, highlighting many important voices as cannabis culture evolves. Cannabis touches so many parts of life, from personal to political, and it reflects a lot of our other passions. So, we use the pages of our magazine to discuss weed, but also to make space for stories that intrigue us, whether it’s diving into the life of a fascinating woman from history or learning about a weird Swedish plant’s mystical properties.  This kind of storytelling is important for cannabis because it connects the plant to the rest of life, and helps to normalize weed on a global level.

Broccoli magazine, cannabis, CBD, THC, weed


2. The magazine has a distinct and beautiful aesthetic – what was the inspiration behind the look and feel of the publication?

I love unusual delights–things that waver between beautiful and strange. Broccoli’s visual universe is broad, it’s a mutli-dimensional space where a lot of different styles can be expressed. We work with a lot of talented artists with wildly unique visions, but there’s an essence of playfulness and imagination that ties everything together.

3. How can cannabis lovers become cannabis activists?

Activism starts with awareness, and I'd recommend checking out these groups who cover different areas of focus, whether it's the criminal justice system, medical access, or legalization: the Women's Prison Association, Brooklyn Bail Fund, Equity First Alliance, NORML, Americans for Safe Access. Our friends at Nice Paper and Cannaclusive do a great job of rounding up important initiatives, and often break down important details about things like upcoming elections and how your votes may influence cannabis related legislation.

Broccoli has done a few community-supported fundraisers in order to make donations, but as an independent company our financial impact isn't as big as I wish it could be. In that sense, our platform has more power, bringing awareness to the myriad of issues that surround the cannabis space. The stories we share help our readers become more informed and empowered to contribute, whether that's through dollars, votes, or by giving their time to organizations who need it.


Cannabis, CBD, Broccoli, Broccoli mag, CBD benefits

4. What does your winding down/bedtime routine look like?

If I’m on my best behaviour, I’ll spend some time stretching–especially hip opening stretches because I hold a lot of tension in my lower body and it can mess with my sleep if I have restless legs. I love to read before bed, right now I’m reading Dawn by Octavia Butler. If I’m stressed and worried about getting a good night’s sleep, I’ll take a cannabis tincture on top of the usual routine because it almost always does the trick. It doesn’t cure the cause of my stressors, but getting a full night’s sleep makes a big difference in tackling that stuff the next day.

5. How do you take care of your skin?

I love the Luxury Beauty Serum, it includes two of my all-time aromatic favorites, rosehip and geranium.

6. If you were to be anointed into sainthood for something, what would it be?

I asked my best friend and we were joking that I could be the Patron Saint of Waffles. I make waffles almost every weekend and I also waffle a lot on a lot of decisions, probably because I run my business solo. I have to play all sides! 

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