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Welcome back to The Saint Series ... Where we ask six questions of inspiring women we believe are ready for sainthood.

This week on our Saint Series, we profiled legendary beauty editor and fabulously funny friend Jane Larkworthy. With 30+ years under her belt, Larkworthy has made a name for herself as the industry’s go-to for exceptional beauty reporting, working everywhere from Glamour Magazine to W Magazine. 

Now, as Editor-at-Large at NYMagazine's The Cut, she heads up her own column “The Beauty of it All”...all while baking bagels (Shiksa Bagels) and hanging with her pup.

She’s a powerhouse worthy of sainthood...just don’t call her a beauty junkie.

1. You say you're not a "beauty junkie". How was had that made you a better editor?

A temp job during my senior year in college landed me at Glamour’s beauty department. They had me at “free conditioner and perfume,” but yeah, not being a junkie has fared me well. I have balance about what I report on, and try to never fall for claims without investigating them first. But the beauty industry is filled with very cool people, and I feel extremely fortunate to have found my way into it.

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2. What's the best beauty advice you've ever received?

Line the inner waterline of your upper lashes for a good pop, from a makeup artist but I forget who. It was decades ago. And the advice I give is STAY OUT OF THE SUN AND WEAR SUNSCREEN, STUPID!

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3. Who would be you're number one interview for The Cut column "The Beauty of it All"?

I think Estee Lauder would've been a hoot!

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4. How do you incorporate CBD into your daily routine?

In my bath mostly. Or using something like The Luxury Body Serum for muscle aches after a long bike ride. 

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5. After a long day, how do you wind down each night?

I take a bath, then lights out and we turn on Stephen Colbert while my husband rubs my back. Together, he and Stephen lull me to sleep.

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6. If you were a saint, what would you be the saint of?

The Saint of Silliness and procrastination.

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