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The Saint Series, Vol. 11: Wendy Ngyuen

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The Saint Series, Vol. 11: Wendy Ngyuen

Stylish, sophisticated and incredibly intelligent, our good friend Wendy is truly one of a kind. After coming to America from Vietnam at the age of 8 and growing up in the foster care system, Wendy graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Psychology and an intense determination to make better for herself. 

She worked in banking for 5 years and quit to launch Wendy's Lookbook, a widely popular fashion and lifestyle blog. All the while, she suffered from PTSD and pelvic floor muscle spams from childhood abuse. She tried everything to help, and eventually wanted to try something natural. Enter CBD.

Soon after, she opened Artemis in September 2019, an impeccably curated CBD shop in NYC's West Village, and the only minority, female-owned CBD shop in New York.

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